Basic Sales Training
In this section you’ll learn the core elements of the psychology of sales, closing techniques and how to handle high-value sales calls while ensuring that you maintain control.
Module Total Time Videos Documents Review Live Training
Basic Sales Training 3 hours 65 minutes 1 hour 30 minutes 30 minutes
Review time is spent re-reading documents or re-watching video segments for clarification. Take notes and write down any questions. During live training, you will be tested about the content, and your questions will be answered.
Before you watch the videos below, read the little 11 page booklet in PDF called Selling Without Fear and Effort – 30 minutes for reading and review. It should open in your browser, or you can download it. (It will open in a new tab).
Understanding Who You Are Selling to – 4 Minutes [Back to top]
Diction, Mirroring, Pacing, Voice Tone, Fill Words & Learning to SHUT UP – 4.5 Minutes [Back to top]
8 Types of Psychological Triggers – 4 Minutes [Back to top]
It’s About Who Has Control – It’s a Battle Unless You Take Charge At the Start – 3 Minutes [Back to top]
Big Kiss – Small Kick During the Sales Call – 5 Minutes [Back to top]
You Don’t Have to Answer a Question Just Because It Was Asked!- 5 Minutes [Back to top]
Never Answer a Question That Was Never Asked – 3 Minutes [Back to top]
Identify the Key Pain Points in the First 2-3 Minutes – 3 Minutes [Back to top]
Idioms & Expressions – 5 minutes [Back to top]
Handling the Gatekeeper – 5 Minutes [Back to top]
The Inside-Out Sales Process – 6 Minutes [Back to top]
Who We Are – 2 Minutes [Back to top]
The Inside-Out Sales Process – 6 Minutes [Back to top]

To YOUR success!

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