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We cannot work with startups who have been in business less than 3 years.

Getting more leads is critical of course, but it’s NOT enough to manage and grow a VERY successful business. There are many factors, which, if not understood, will PREVENT you from being very successful.

This is why we take inbound lead calls and our staff qualifies them, and why we include access to the Business Growth Accelerator Program¬† FREE. (If you’re not a local partner the program is $9,475).¬†

Unfortunately, we cannot work with business owners who:

  • Take an active DIY approach to their marketing or how they run their business day to day
  • Focus on saving money instead of earning more – which means ROI is a foreign concept to them
  • Do not have a team of at least 4 full time employees – including the owner(s)
  • Do not have at least 2 service vehicles on the road – depending on the industry
  • Do not make taking inbound calls for new business #1 priority – and don’t answer them professionally in the business name
  • Do not have a clear and successful estimating & closing process for new business
  • Spend more than 50% of their time “in the field” working “hands on” with their employees
  • Have no desire to build and strategically expand their business – and don’t spend any time looking at the market, their competition, and anything that may impact their business today and tomorrow

Who is our typical partner?

They have been in business between 10 and 30 years, have an established brand, several employees, 2-6 service vehicles, with owners focused on “running” the business and not on working in the field. They run their businesses based on ROI, understand their costs, margins and are always looking to improve and grow their business – strategically. In some cases our local partners have business partners with split responsibilities for operations and sales, with each focusing on what they do best.

This profile applies to all home service industry markets.

In any typical home service market in most larger metro areas, there are hundreds of service providers – you and your competition. However, we can only work with ONE business EXCLUSIVELY in a service area with respect to any given service being offered.

If this resonates with you, then book a call to see if what we do, and what you’re looking for could result in us working together.

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