Interested In Becoming A Consultant To The Development Of A New Lead Generation & Customer Service Platform?

You Will Be paid $125 for 1 hour and 10 minutes

The Wall Street backed lead selling giants are doing business in a way we think is fundamentally WRONG. We MUST change that. You should never have to pay for “qualified” leads, deal with (and pay for) bogus leads, have to pay for leads that you AND your competitors also get, and fight for credit after they have charged your account.

You don’t even own your hard earned reviews. Nor should you pay 20% to 25% of gross sales for a job. 8% is what you should be paying! 

In addition, they are not delivering a full suite of services, nor are they interested in YOUR best interest as a business owner. Our mission is to change that, and we’re seeking your expertise.

1. The Criteria to Participate

- You have been in business for at least 3 years, have at least 2 service vehicles and 2 employees

- You have a strategic vision to grow your business and to gain market share

- You make getting new business in the door your #1 priority

- You are constantly looking at the market, the competition and for any advantage you can leverage

2. The Process

There are 2 steps.

- You review our general marketing information so you're familiar with what we have created. This will take 10 minutes.

- You spend 1 hour on a live zoom call where we discuss your (a) business model (b) your current marketing strategy (c) your growth plan (d) we discuss whether what we're offering to the market

3. The Fine Print

In some cases, we will have booked multiple appointments with business owners focused on a specific geographic area and will have gathered enough intelligence to determine that we have accurate and detailed information on the value of what we offer.

In which case, we reserve the right to cancel the appointment with you at any time. Booking right now benefits us both - and sustainable business is ultimately about mutual benefit.

It's the Wall Street giants that are looking for one sided benefit. We respect not only your time - but your expertise.

4. Book a Discovery Call

During this call, we'll exchange ideas about taking back the power of the backbone of the economy: Local businesses. Not conglomerates.

The Ultimate "community service" is when you can make a difference to businesses who also benefit the community. Then everyone wins. It's exponential.

Do it because you care