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Website content writing and optimizing has been one of the most expensive aspects of website creation.

The content has to be relevant to the specific topic, and even to the geo area. The content also has to be optimized for searches and written to “convert” visitors to take action – to make the call, fill out a form, buy something.

AI in search engines to determine search intent is no longer just based on “keywords”. Google’s AI system takes in to account your entire universe of searches and preferences and aggregates your “life” across all platforms and information mediums. So what does that mean?

It means that the results you get when you search for something is no longer 100% dependent on “keywords” analyzed by the (old style) search algorithm, but integrates the universe of information it knows about you – and decides what it thinks you want to see as it may directly or indirectly relate to your actual search query.

Which therefore makes the creation of website content infinitely more challenging – Unless you understand how AI has been implemented into Google and Bing Search. We do. Intimately.

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