Case Study - How To Double Your Sales

Who Is This For?

This is for you if you’re virtually obsessed with doubling and tripling your sales to quickly, achieve true and sustainable financial freedom for you and your family. Without working yourself to the bone – and we even guarantee the results.

There are tens of thousands of business owners running several businesses concurrently. There’s no magic behind it. The only way to achieve true financial freedom, is to grow your business methodically and strategically. 

If you haven’t achieved financial freedom yet, it might be time to do things a bit differently.

Have you ever noticed that some businesses seem to come out of nowhere but look like they’ve been around forever… and are growing at breakneck speed?

This is a common scenario across all industries in every city. It could be you.

Below is an example of what is achievable with strategic planning and execution. It could be your 24 month goal, your starting point, or in between. Or maybe you’re starting with 6 vehicles and want 12?

In this actual (and not unusual) example: The owner started with a $1,500 budget – with NO knowledge of the industry – and within 2 years achieved almost $1.2 million in sales.

Consider this. An optimally and efficiently run business with 3 service vehicles and 10-11 employees can generate $1.2 million in sales, based on $1,500 to $2,000 per day per service vehicle revenue and maintain a 25% to 30% profit margin.

This however, is only possible if two things are in place.

  1. You have sufficient sales volume – new customers – which comes FIRST
  2. You have a strategic and logical growth plan for expanding your fleet, staffing and administrative processes – (This is where the included Business Growth Management training comes in)

The process of doubling your sales, your income and therefore the size of your business is very structured. It’s not a magical formula. But it has to be (a) learned (b) implemented.

Many business owners feel that their inability to achieve their ultimate dreams and goals (while working very long hours) is based on the fact that they think/believe some or all the following:

  • The economy is bad or will get worse
  • They can’t find good workers
  • They suffer from price wars and undercutting by people who don’t know what they’re doing
  • Price is an issue for the customer… and they can’t compete
  • They’re getting screwed by lead sellers
  • Their SEO is either too expensive or not working
  • They can do a better job at EVERYTHING… from sales, to doing the work, managing their website, SEO, to all advertising… than anyone else could
  • They can grow their business simply by managing their social media
  • Their “reputation”, or that they’re “a local family business,” is what should sell them (wrong!)
  • They have some great reviews – and that’s all they need (wrong!)

The above is a recipe for becoming a slave to your business. And being grossly under compensated. Which essentially means you have a “job” at an hourly rate under the guise of being a “business owner.”

Which means that if you don’t get out of bed every day, become injured or ill… it all comes crashing down. No to mention that when you take a holiday… there’s no income. 

If the above bulleted list is in fact true, then how do even upstart business owners with no experience or reputation take an unknown business, working solo, to a business with 10+ solid employees in 2 years – with a ton of return customers?

If you truly want to double, triple or even quadruple the size of your business so that you can have a lot more of what you thought you’d have as a business owner, then book a strategy session.

The world is your oyster… Believe it.

Book a demo now and we’ll show you how it’s done.

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