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If you could get everything you need to consistently book out 2-3 weeks, then 3X your sales, would you check it out?

FREE TRAINING: How To Get $15K+ Plus in FREE Business In 30 Days With Only 5 Hours of Work. Starting Today

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Local Service hero 3X Your Sales Program + Lead Tracking All Under One Roof

FIRST... you need more business in the door to stretch your capacity to the max. Then start to 3X++. What you'll see here you won't be able to "unsee."


Learn About The ONLY Way To Escape Price Wars - And RAISE Your Prices

When You're Unshoppable you're Unstoppable. Learn how your customers will never be able to get another quote.

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Discover Why 95% of Businesses Keep Treading Water Year After Year

For them it's all about the competition instead of the market - which is why they stay poor. Don't do that!

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How To Reduce Your Marketing Costs By 50% to 100% - Down to zero

Hint... you can get other people to pay for your PAID advertising. It's only a secret if you don't know how to do it.

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Learn Why Your Price Doesn't Matter: Value Does

People don't make price based decisions. They make value based decisions with price being only a perception. Learn the key to raising your prices.

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Why You Have to Move Away From SEO & Buying Leads

SEO is losing efficacy fast. Even if you're on Page One. Lead sellers depend on SEO. So BOTH your SEO and lead buying costs will keep going up. Learn why.

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Did You Know That There Are Over 100 Marketing Channels?

How many are you using? The top 3% of service companies with sales over $100K/mo use between 8 and 10 channels. Once set up, they run like clockwork month over month.

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3X'ing+ your business as a Local Sevice Hero

Learn How To Track Your Leads As You Fill Your Pipeline

Knowing where your most profitable business comes from is the difference between the top 3% and everyone else. We made it easy.

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Discover The Profile Of A Business With $100K/mo Sales

A business with $100K/yr in sales is very different than one with $500K/yr, then again different than one with $1,000,000/yr and so on.

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How We Help You 3X Your Business One Step at a time

Why spend tens of thousands on trial and error? We help you max out your capacity - then 3X+. It's ALWAYS about revenue per service vehicle.

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You're A Local Service hero If You...

Get premium customers
Are always booked out 2-3 weeks
Charge more for your services
Don't care about the competition
Have service offers that cannot be shopped for other quotes
Offer massive value to your customers
Can reduce your marketing costs by 50% down to zero
Make a LOT of money
Take a lot of time off from work

Local service Heros are The Top 3%. Here's Why.

1. They're Action Heroes

The top 3% know that not making a decision is always decision. Taking immediate action is who they are because they know that less than perfect today is much better than anything tomorrow or next week.

2. They're Masters Of Their Own Destinies

Nobody is going to save them. They know that. They own their struggles and their successes. They know they're not perfect and never try to be. Just better every day. They know that "always being right" means always staying poor.

3. Dedicated To Service

They're Dedicated to Their Families, Customers, Employees and Communities. They know it's their moral obligation to do better every and make more money because others depend on them. And they know that they're up to the task. It's in their blood.

4. Local Service Heroes Never Stop Learning

They leave no room for ego. To stay on top of industry best practices and market trends, true Titans of Service never stop learning. They want feedback. They place trust in their coaches like they expect their clients to trust them.

5. Always Hungry To Grow

They are never satisfied, although always proud. As soon as they reach a goal, they're looking for the next one. They never settle and are always looking to "level up."

6. They Are Expert Communicators

They know that they can't sugarcoat what needs to be said. Difficult conversations are second nature to them because not speaking your truth hurts everyone.

How Do You Stack Up Against The Local Service Heroes?

If you can't keep your crew at capacity with high value customers booked out 2-3 weeks while extracting maximum revenue per truck, then this is definitely for you.

If your business is not growing 35% per year, this is also for you because you need to grow 10% year over year just to keep up. Or you'll just pile up more debt!

The Local Service Hero Program
Every month we add a new premium client getting/sales system that reduces your marketing costs and makes you un-shoppable. All other areas are updated regularly. Weekly or better – You’ll get notified of updates.

The top 3% leverage 8-10 marketing channels

If you can't track it you can't bank it. Like fishing blindfolded with a spear. Which is why we created CallSystem. Built 100% for local service businesses to drive business.

No other call tracking system has ever been built with only this purpose in mind.

Coming This Fall!

regular series of interviews with the top 3% of Local Service Heroes across all industries, marketing experts and business consultants. Even with lawyers and accountants. 

How they did it, what worked, what didn’t, mistakes to avoid and the most important things they focus on.

This will be a premium access feature. So lock into the program now so you’ll have unlimited access to all premium features and software for life.

All Local Service Hero Program content has been either directly contributed by, or derived from proven strategies of the top 3% of experts across all industries. Exclusively for the local Service Hero program.

Marketing Strategies
Sales Techniques
Buyer Psychology
How To Price Your Services
Increase Ad Conversions by 50%
Review & Referrals = 50% More Business
Local Service Hero Entrepreneur
Market Trends
Thechnology Updates
Business Management – For Growth

No contract. Cancel any time. We’re adding a Local Service Hero forum, Q&A library, Live Q&As, and other software and tools to help you accelerate your business. The price will go up significantly. Lock in your unlimited access now.

*Some features will be premium monthly add-ons. If you join the Titan of Service program now you’ll have lifetime unlimited access to all features.

Local Service Hero Program Only

CallSytem lead Tracking Not Included
$ 39 Monthly
  • Unlimited access to Local Service Hero Content videos, downloads and templates
  • Access to live scheduled program implementation Q&A's
  • Email support for program implementation - 24hr turnaround

Local Service Hero Program
+ 7 Campaigns CallSystem

Everything You Need...
To 3X Your Sales!
Includes complete phone system with 7 campaign numbers and 250 minutes of airtime every month
Lifetime Premium Content Access For a Limited Time
$ 69
  • Unlimited access to Local Service Hero Content videos, downloads and templates
  • Access to live scheduled program implementation Q&A's
  • Email support for program implementation - 24hr turnaround
  • 7 Local Tracking Phone Numbers
  • 250 Minutes Total Airtime Across All Numbers (Very generous for marketing campaigns)
  • Additional Airtime $0.05 Per Minute
  • Additional Local Phone Numbers $3/mo
  • All Setup Is Included
  • Call Dashboard
  • Call Logs
  • Call Forwarding
  • Call Recording
  • Voicemail
  • Round Robin
  • Ring-Thru
  • *Alternate Ring
  • *Multi-Ring
  • *Call Routing Scheduler
  • Caller Greeting
  • Email Call Notifications
  • Text Call Notifications
  • Press 1 To Connect
  • Call Whisper
  • Turn Campaigns On/Off
Best By Far!

CallSystem Only

Available only if you already have basic access. Phone numbers and airtime extra
$ 49
  • If You Already Have a Basic Local Service Hero Account And Want To Add CallSytem
  • All CallSystem Features Included
  • Each Local Number Is $4/mo
  • All Airtime Is Charged At $0.06 per minute
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